Dry Cleaning

Our Dry Cleaning Service

Another new innovation in our ever expanding list of specialist cleaning services is our dry cleaning option. Any commercial or industrial customers who have carpets that cannot be washed can take advantage of both our experience and this fantastic new service.

Essentially, our dry cleaning service involves the use of specialised machines that clean the carpet without using water. They rely on dry compounds complemented by application cleaning solutions and have a very rapid drying time. This is vital for companies and businesses that have precious carpets that cannot possibly be washed and cleaned with water.

Before the cleaners can be used, pre-treatments have to be placed on the troublesome spots on the carpet to break the binding of soils to fibres. Once these have been applied and a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes has passed the dry cleaners can then be used on the carpet.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

  • Easy to clean precious carpets without water
  • Less labour intensive
  • Faster than conventional carpet cleaning methods
  • Produces visually pleasing results

Efficient and Fast

As well as being efficient, the dry cleaning system is also much faster than conventional methods and has proved to be less labour intensive. This ensures that businesses can use the floor as soon as possible and the cleanliness of the newly cleaned carpet is bound to improve the overall look and feel of the office or shop.