Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

One of our newest and most innovative cleaning options is our pressure water jet service. We here at Warren’s Cleaning understand how important it is to have your business looking as good as it can and that is why we will get rid of any stains or markings as soon as they appears.

There is nothing worse than seeing dirt, grime, stains or damaged brickwork on the side of your office, factory or shop but our fantastic new pressure water jet service will ensure you never have to worry about the unsightly marks again.

Our jets work by firing highly pressurised water at the marks and within a couple of minutes you will have seen a dramatic improvement of the condition of your wall. This is especially important for recently closed and then sold industrial properties or shops located in the middle of a city centre as businesses can succeed or fail based on first impressions alone.

Our pressure water jet cleaning service can also be used on petrol forecourts and other public buildings. For instance, our jets would be perfectly suitable to wash away oil spills at garages or petrol stations and we have used them to good effect on sites such as these recently.

Building Exterior Cleans

Not only can they be used on stains, marks and oil but also on many different coatings, such as grease, rubber, paints and felt metal.

This is very important for those clients who wish to change the appearance of a newly acquired property or remove stubborn stains. If necessary, our pressure water jets could even be used to blast away damaged masonry or plasterwork, clean drains and strip unwanted wallpaper.

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